EOPO Superheroes Unite

First, I want to thank Debbie Wade for going with the flow as we worked on this installation ceremony.  On Wednesday night I finally sent her something concrete to work from.  Debbie, you are always professional and continually entertaining and thought-provoking.  Your friendship over the years has been a constant encouragement.  This isn’t the first time you’ve bailed me out.  Thank you!!!

Secondly, I want to thank Mary Beth Smith for such an inspiring two years and the encouragement to “Unleash [Our] Inner Superhero.”  The excitement and energy around this theme had me thinking of ways I could expand on it rather than begin with a new thought or head in a new direction.  The EOPO Board under the leadership of Mary Beth has reminded us individually of our superhero status through the important role we play in our schools.  We make a difference, and we accomplish great and necessary things which impact the learning of children, youth, and young adults in our communities.

So what is the next step?

What direction do we head?

It is my suggestion we put on our capes, grab our superhero wands, and come together to make an even bigger difference in Ohio and beyond.  This year I want to encourage us to UNITE our superhero powers and become the EOPO we have the potential to be when we work together.

So what does it look like?

What do we need from you to get there?

First, we need you to help us spread the word.  Talk to colleagues at your school about the wonderful time you are having today, the great information you are learning, and the beautiful people you met at the conference.  Discuss with others the need for professional development and how your connections with EOPO make this happen.  Share your next newsletter with others in your office.  And, feel free to go the extra mile and learn about the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP).  There are even more opportunities available through our national association.

Second, promise to keep in touch with someone you met today, and actually follow through.  Of the four people we have sitting at my table in the other room, two of them have very similar roles.  Make sure you get another person’s business card or contact information.  In the next few weeks, send this person a note and thank them for attending or encourage them with a matter they mentioned today.  The next time you need help being flexible or creative, reach out to this person for some new ideas.

Third, find even a small way to connect with the work of EOPO throughout the year.  You each were given my business card on the tables.  Reach out with your ideas.  Volunteer to serve on a committee to help choose our next scholarship recipients or award winners.  Write an article for our newsletter about something in your school or share a technology tip.  Following the luncheon you will also have the opportunity to share ideas for the fall conference.  Your involvement can be as extensive as you want through sharing the name of a great speaker to spending a few hours finding the next conference location to being part of the Registration Team. 

So what can we accomplish together?

What difference can we make?

The possibilities are endless.  We can be the ultimate professional development source for educational office professionals across Ohio, and I really believe it.  We can increase membership and host 100 people at the fall conference.  We can touch into the lives of children, youth, and young adults through the fantastic support we provide teachers and administrators in our schools.  We can be employees who know how to balance work and life being more than just survivors.  We can be leaders and positive role models for everyone we meet.

It won’t always be easy, and we will need to remember to take care of ourselves throughout this journey.  We need to refuel, relax, and maybe even redirect at times.  But, I am confident if we work together and the “EOPO Superheroes Unite” we can change at least our little corner of the world.

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