Connecting to Learn

We spend a lot of time talking about how education is silo-ed.  Teachers work in their rooms and maybe with other teachers at the same grade level.  They rarely talk across grade levels and especially not buildings.  The employees working in the business office do not interact much with the office staff in the buildings.  People blame the people in charge for not knowing what it is like to work on the front lines of our schools.

Honestly, how would we know what it is like to work in someone else’s office if we never get to know them and their role?  Some of us listen to parents dump a life’s worth of happenings in our lap while others spend the day snuggled up with spreadsheets.  Because of the connections I make in EOPO and NAEOP, I have a better understanding of different kinds of schools.  A Pennsylvania colleague working in a special needs private school has a very different day than mine.  A few inches of snow in Ohio causes a very different set of responses for my colleagues in South Carolina.  Daily routines are very different in Ohio between elementary and career tech schools.  This year I encourage us to come together as often as we can to learn from each other in order to make our schools and EOPO stronger.

The EOPO board made a decision last year to reduce our gatherings to one conference a year.  Because of this change, it is very important you make plans now to attend the October 25 conference in Westlake, Ohio.  We need you and other members to spread the word and make plans to join us for this professional development event.  Look for more details about the fantastic speakers and location see our Events page.  Our event will only be complete if you attend prepared to develop your skills, enhance your knowledge, and grow professionally.

See you at the DoubleTree in Westlake on October 25, 2019!

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