Are you a Superhero?

Sometimes we need to be pushed, pulled, and lifted up mentally to grasp our true potential. We need superheroes who will be real with us, tell it to us like it is, voice their concerns, but communicate the truth, love, and encouragement as well. I would not be the President of EOPO today if I did not have superheroes who pushed me along, encouraged me, and even gave me a swift kick in the attitude.

The ambition to achieve something worthwhile in life requires fuel in the form of authentic motivation. There are times when I have been my own biggest limitation. My self-doubt had me wanting to throw in the towel. But the superheroes in my life helped keep me on the right path. A superhero who cares about you won’t let you sleep on the job or drown in self-doubt. These kinds of superheroes can come in the form of personal friends, mentors and family members. They are the people you trust and know have your best interest at heart.

I believe if you want to grow and get better in life, it requires people who can keep you pointing in the right direction. Who is your Superhero? Are you someone’s Superhero?


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