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Unleash Your Inner Superhero


I hope you had an amazing holiday break and had some time to reflect with your family and friends. Did you take time to renew yourself, so you can get through the second half of the school year?

The hardest part of our jobs is finding that work/life balance.

Even though we do not wear our superhero capes every day, we can soar to the top of our game using these five ways to Unleash your own Superhero to defeat work/life stress.

  1. Reflect - Think about your life in the past year and reflect on your challenges. Determine what you did in all cases that helped you rise above the circumstance.
  2. Recognize - Watch for patterns in what you did and how you did it. The more you recognize your strong and positive actions the more you can “own them” and be proud of them. You can consider these positive at tributes as your strengths.
  3. Remember - Have reminders of your strengths. Whether it’s a powerful quote or an image of your favorite superhero, use something that will align you to your best self.
  4. Read - Once you know your strengths, read more about how you can strengthen them. If you haven’t already, take courses or learn from a mentor about how you can make them your own super powers.
  5. Reap - Remember the positive attributes that people say about you. Reap the positive words that they use to describe you. Keep thank you cards to go back and reflect on.

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Support Use all of your strengths. They will help you deal with work/life stress. The more you learn how to unleash your super-hero-self, the more you can beat work/life stress and become your own hero.

I wish you the best 2018!

EOPO's President's Theme for 2017-2018

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