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Getting to Yes! – Get Support to Attend Conferences


You know the scenario. You read about a great conference for educational office professionals. The topics are of interest to you and will help you in your job. You walk into your manager’s office to request his or her approval only to hear “no”. You walk out. End of story.

I also hear Assistants say, “My manager will never approve this” so they never present their case to their manager. It’s all in positioning your thinking. You have to really believe that you are worth investing in and that you and your manager will both win big with this investment.

Before you can “sell” someone else to support you, you have to be 100% convinced that you need and deserve training and educational resources/networking. If you are not convinced of your own value and need to grow, you will not be able to persuade anyone else. Help your manager see why it is beneficial to invest in your education and how your manager will also win as a result.

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Don’t give up. If you really believe a conference will help you professionally or even just rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your career, be persistent. You may have to try different ways or formats to persuade your manager and, remember, timing is important.

Know exactly what you want to accomplish by attending the training or conference. You should list your objectives alongside each topic in the curriculum and how that will tie into your current job or prepare you for the future.

If all else fails, maybe you need to make the financial investment in yourself. Yes, I said you make the investment. I know several high-performing Assistants who have spent thousands of dollars on their development and have reaped tremendous rewards over the years.

Have the courage to go after what you want. That in itself is a learning experience. With these tools in hand, I hope to see you and your fellow co-workers at the June 1st EOPO Conference.

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