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Reflecting on the Past to Build the Future


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Reflecting on the Past to Build the Future


I was introduced to EOPO in the fall of 1990 when a co-worker and I attended a conference in Lima, Ohio. We’d never heard of the organization but the brochure certainly caught our attention, so we signed up, and away we went. Since that time we both served on several committees, chaired committees, and even served as president. What a ride!

But that’s what happens when you are serious about what you do – you consider your work important and perform it as a professional. Then you find a professional organization where you can gather with people who understand the issues you handle on a daily basis. EOPO is that professional organization for office personnel working in the educational field. We offer professional development opportunities with a fall and a spring conference every year. And better yet, you will meet some wonderful people and begin to form a remarkable network!!

Because I became a member early enough, I’ve been privileged to know every past president except one. The passion and the energy these ladies put into building EOPO is beyond measure! They understood the importance of professional development and networking to improve their skills and do their job more effectively. I have introduced some of our past presidents in my quarterly “President’s Message” in The Buckeye Bulletin.

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This year as my theme I chose “Reflecting on the Past to Build the Future.” Our newer members have not had the privilege of meeting the majority of our past presidents as most of them have retired and moved on to other interests. A place we all strive to be! However, we do have a handful of past presidents who are still working in educational offices and remain active in the organization and attend conferences. I hope that you attend one of our conferences and introduce yourself to these ladies. They will be happy to meet you and introduce you to EOPO.

Reflecting on my past with EOPO, I can honestly tell you that because of my membership and involvement in this organization, I have done things that I NEVER EVER EVER would have thought about doing before. EOPO and the leaders in it have stretched me in so many ways, given me confidence in myself that I didn’t have before, and most of all introduced me to some wonderful people who are now dear dear friends.

So I ask you if you’re new to EOPO to get involved. Maybe you are content with attending the conferences every year and that’s okay. We love to see you there! But if you feel the urge to get more involved do not hesitate to ask one of our board members about what you can do. Each committee chair needs members on their committee and that’s a great place to start! Invite a co-worker to attend a conference with you. Send a brochure to someone in your district or a neighboring district that you talk to on occasion about work-related matters. This is how we build EOPO, one member at a time!

Just as we ourselves are so much a part of those people in our past and the experiences we had that influenced us in so many ways, so it is with EOPO. We are here because almost 40 years ago a small group of ladies had a vision and worked to make it a reality and other have kept that dream alive. This year we reflect on our past so that we can plan and work to build EOPO into a bigger and better organization for the future.

To read the complete President's Message from the Winter 2017 Buckeye Bulletin, click here.

EOPO's President's Theme for 2016-2017

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The Educational Office Professionals of Ohio is dedicated to promoting professionalism through developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and encouraging growth.

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