If you are starting your Professional Standards Program (PSP) Certification journey, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NAEOP Professional Standards Program page of their website and print Forms I and II. (The forms are located toward the bottom of the web page.)
  2. Complete Form I and prepare a file folder for your PSP forms and materials. Note: If you complete Section 4 on Form I, keep the documentation for the inservices separate from Form IIIa documentation.
  3. Ask your supervisor to complete an evaluation of you on Form II.
  4. Gather all your certificates of completion for any professional development you have obtained (you can go back to July 1, 1980). Organize these into the following three sponsoring levels:  National, State, and Local.
  5. Download Form IIIa and start typing the information beginning with National organizations. You can make copies of Form IIIa or request an Excel spreadsheet from me.
  6. If you are not a member of NAEOP, you need to complete the NAEOP membership form and mail it to NAEOP. You need to be a member to become certified.
  7. Download Form IIIb to list your “Professional Activity” from National, State, or Local educational organizations. Make copies of your membership cards.
  8. Excel worksheets have been created for PSP Forms IIa, IIb, V, and Va. These worksheets were created to assist with calculating and flexibility in formatting the Professional Activity hours and Association Responsibility points for the initial PSP application and recertification application.
    These worksheets DO NOT replace the forms.  They are an additional resource for applicants to utilize and may be submitted in addition to the forms.  Original Forms (IIa and IIb) or (V and Va) are required to be submitted with the appropriate signatures. 

Everyone who receives their NAEOP certification this year is recognized at the PSP Banquet held at the NAEOP Annual Conference in July. 

If you have any questions during the process, please contact Katherine Reichley, PSP Chairman.   She will help you achieve the goal of obtaining your PSP certification.