Past Presidents


President / Theme

2021-23 Dana Hoffman, CEOE, Westlake City Schools/EOPO Growing Together
2019-21 Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE, Otterbein University/EOPO Superheroes Unite!
2017-19 Mary Beth Smith, Great Oaks Career Campuses – Cincinnati/Unleash Your Inner Superhero
2016-17 Cathy Kerns, CEOE, Logan-Hocking Local School District/Reflecting on the Past to Build the Future
2014-16 Katherine Reichley, CEOE, Otterbein University/Collective Forward Momentum
2012-14 Bonnie Armitage, Grand Rapids/Pursue Your Path! (2012-13)/Steps to Success (2013-14)
2011-12 Cindy Goga, CEOE, Middleburg Heights, ESC of Cuyahoga County/Looking Toward the Future!
2009-11 Donita Smith, CEOE, Cincinnati/What’s In It For Me? (Our Changing Times!)
2008-09 Bonnie Armitage, Grand Rapids/EOPO: Embracing Opportunities Professionally & Optimistically
2007-08 Donita Smith, Cincinnati/Expand Your Horizons – Reach & Achieve
2006-07 Cindy Goga, Middleburg Heights/You are a Key Piece of the Puzzle!
2004-06 Leanne Long, Bedford/Valuing Quality Service
2003-04 Audrey Bonar/Tip Your Hat to Teamwork
2002-03 Judi Ross, Cincinnati/Our Present Linking Our Past to the Future
2001-02 Betty Gillespie, Lancaster/EOPO More Than An Image
2000-01 Betty Zillick, Cincinnati/Make a Difference
1999-00 Esther Nesselroad, Waterford/EOPO Leading the Way into Y2K
1998-99 Dorothy Campbell, Centerville/EOPO’s P.E.A.R.L.S.
1997-98 Cathy Kerns, Lancaster/EOPO: A Cup of T’s” Time, Talent & Treasure
1996-97 Helen Uhlenhake, St. Henry/Light One Candle
1995-96 Cathy Buchanan-Hubbard, Cincinnati/Dream the Possible Dream
1994-95 Diane Bennett, Reynoldsburg/The Spirit of Education
1993-94 Sue Logsdon, New Washington/Encouraging You to Bee all You Can Bee
1992-93 Shelva Givins, Canton/EOPO: Answering the Challenge
1991-92 Esther Nesselroad, Waterford/Prepared and Professional
1990-91 Barbara Ondrik, Wadsworth/You are the Future of EOPO *
1989-90 Jacqualyn Myers, South Charleston/Challenge Your Tomorrow, Grow With EOPO *
1988-89 Rachel Myers, Castalia/Dedication + Determination = Professionalism*
1987-88 Shirley Keske Thoburn, Reynoldsburg/Growth + Action = Professionalism
1986-87 Ruth Regula, Rocky River/EOPO: Professionals in Action*
1985-86 Rosemary Wallace, Cleveland/Your Key to Professionalism*
1984-85 Wilma Kemper, Kettering/Continuing the Excellence *
1983-84 Alice Lahman, Bowling Green/Making the Good Better *
1981-83 Judi Ross, Cincinnati/Each One Pick One
1980-81 Lila Van Sweringen, Cuyahoga Falls/Excel in the Eighties *
1979-80 Martha Leach, Kettering/We Have High Hopes *
1978-79 Martha Leach, Kettering/We’ve Only Just Begun (NAEOP President 1989-90) *
* Deceased