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EOPO Board Meeting

EOPO Board Meeting - February 16, 2021
February 16, 2021 | 3:30 PM

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EOPO 2020-2021 Conference - Save the Date

Save the Date
October 08, 2021 | 8:00 AM

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Welcome to EOPO

Welcome to the EOPO website!  We are proud of our new look, but still getting used to finding the important information.  Let me help you find a few key items.

  • About includes the list of board members as well as historical EOPO information. Board members have generic email address that forwards to their work email.
  • Join contains the membership information. You can submit your application and renew memberships online now.  Online credit card payments are also accepted.
  • Awards and Scholarships includes the current application forms. For 2020-21 the deadlines will remain the same as in past years.
  • Events will include information about our fall conference and board meetings. Check back often for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.  Welcome to EOPO!  May we unite our superhero efforts this year to make EOPO stronger!

2019-20 President's Logo

Hope in the New Year!

We head into 2021 with a wide variety of emotions. Some of you are excited to flip the calendar and ready to welcome 2021 with open arms. Your list of resolutions has been created and you are now working on your SMART goals and milestone markers. Some of you are still finishing up the 2020 to-do list or dealing with life changes brought on by COVID. You are sad or confused over losses, and even after the holiday break, you are tired and weary. These seem like opposites or extremes, and we float from one end of the spectrum to the other on any given day or even from moment to moment. Please know I am not reading your mind but sharing from my personal experiences.

In August, I did a favor for someone. It took me less than an hour and was totally within my abilities; no stretching needed. In response, this person sent me two copies of the book “Ripples of Hope:  Wisdom for Navigating Uncertainty” by Paul Wesselmann.  I gave one copy to a teacher friend who was heading back to school soon. She had a lot of concerns about a healthy way to begin the school year so I thought she could use a little extra hope. The other I put on the shelf after flipping quickly through the pictures... until recently. Although this is a book you can read in a few hours, it is one you will want to reference as time and life goes along because we always have room for more hope in our lives.

Some people have a practice of assigning a word to their year or forecasting a word for the coming year. For example, a few weeks ago, I heard a pair of DJs talking and one word they decided to assign to 2020 was “essential.” They went on to explain how it made them think of essential workers, supplies, and even essential aspects of faith. Their assessment of 2020 resonated with me. As I think about 2021 and envision where I want to be in the new year, my mind keeps coming back to the word “hope.”  Maybe this is why I am also still watching Hallmark channel and feel-good movies even after the holidays are over.

Paul Wesselmann looks at many of the complex aspects of the simple word hope in his book. Chapter 7 focusses on how we can activate hope through his main idea that “hope is a verb” (p. 82). As a reminder, verbs require action so hope implies we need to get moving or keep moving. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Look back at times when you relied on hope to get you through a situation. From this, know hope can walk you through the current situation.
  • Reach out to others for support. Be willing to share your story with others even the painful and hurtful parts.  Look together for hope.
  • Focus where you want to be down the road and how you want life to look. You may need to let go of some ideals and incorporate being gentle with yourself.

Some of you may already be motivated to head into 2021 with your best selves, heads held high, and ready to meet all your goals. But many of us might still be trying to gather enough strength to get out of bed, pack a somewhat nutritious lunch, and limp through another workday. Consider adding more hope to your days even in small measure both to inspire yourself and others. Hope can be a smile, an encouraging word, or even gathering our courage for something bigger. I am confident you can have a great 2021 while growing and spreading hope.

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Katherine G. H. Reichley, CEOE
Educational Office Professionals of Ohio
Academic Assessment and Accreditation Specialist
Office of Academic Affairs
c/o Otterbein University
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Mission Statement:

The Educational Office Professionals of Ohio is dedicated to promoting professionalism through developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and encouraging growth.