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EOPO Board Meeting

EOPO Board Meeting: December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020 | 3:30 PM

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EOPO 2020-2021 Conference - Save the Date

Save the Date
March 12, 2021 | 8:00 AM

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Welcome to EOPO

Welcome to the EOPO website!  We are proud of our new look, but still getting used to finding the important information.  Let me help you find a few key items.

  • About includes the list of board members as well as historical EOPO information. Board members have generic email address that forwards to their work email.
  • Join contains the membership information. You can submit your application and renew memberships online now.  Online credit card payments are also accepted.
  • Awards and Scholarships includes the current application forms. For 2019-20 the deadlines will remain the same as in past years.
  • Events will include information about our fall conference and board meetings. Check back often for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.  Welcome to EOPO!  May we unite our superhero efforts this year to make EOPO stronger!

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Back to School – Fall 2020

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy the cooler weather, the beautiful trees, and harvest season.  Applesauce, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving on the horizon are some of my favorite things.  My husband and I also got married in October and will celebrate 25 years of marriage this month.  I know you may not share my passion for fall, but I know you are passionate about something else we consider as happening in the fall – back to school.  It is great to see students back in our schools this year.

Back to school has taken many different forms this fall.  There are students studying at home with their parents, and at the other end of the spectrum, there are students in regular classrooms with teachers.  There is constant cleaning combined with social distancing.  Face coverings are on and off depending on your age, location, and medical conditions.  Some want or need to work from home while others are excited to be back in the building.

There seems to be no right answers for how we should have started the 2020 school year.  Health departments, parents, school personnel, and even the federal government have been included in our decision-making processes.  Never before has so much care, conversation, and consultation come together to bring a school year into existence.  And, on the change of any group’s recommendation we create and pivot to a new plan.

In June, I had the opportunity to hear Daniela Obi share a presentation called “The Power of the P.I.V.O.T.:  How to Overcome the Stigma of Failure and Pivot from Setback to Success!” during a conference.  Her work efforts are around helping people bounce back from failure and head in directions that meet their goals.

We are all making difficult decisions in very complicated times.  Some impact us individually while others are for our schools and organizations.  We will fail sometimes or make poor choices.  We need to give ourselves permission to take a break and determine a valid new direction.  When we have our mind set appropriately on our new path, we can start again.  EOPO superheroes, we can truly PIVOT, and be back to school in whatever form it takes on this new day.

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The Educational Office Professionals of Ohio is dedicated to promoting professionalism through developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and encouraging growth.